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Learn. Design. Coach. Perform.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Can GleeBox help designers with section 508 standards?

Could GleeBox help developers test section 508 designs for eLearning the same way Fangs helps sighted developers design for JAWS users?

Unfortunately, not every client cares about section 508 standards.  They'd rather spend time reading a training to someone on a request only basis than design for screen reader software from the start.  However, it is always good to be aware of the end user experience for all your learners.  As a colleague pointed out to me recently, those learners needing section 508 compliant eLearning may not elect to identify themselves.  It's a really personal choice.

I've used tools like the Fangs plug in for Firefox to check out how screen readers like JAWS will interpret my work.  For the sighted designer, Fangs is ... Well, pick your pun if you must.  I learned a lot.  Empathy is a very powerful design game changer.  Watch your beautiful Flash rendered useless, and you'll get it.

I am an avid keyboard navigator by choice. Now, I'm dating myself-- I learned to use a computer before the mouse was invented, and somethings just stuck with me.  I see people right clicking to copy & paste, and I have to advise them to CTRL themselves!  It really is speedier.  But, what if I could not use my mouse? What would that be like?  Well, unplug your mouse for as long as you can stand it then check out GleeBox.

If you are looking for a great resource to help you tackle design for section 508, check out standards-schmandards.com.

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