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Learn. Design. Coach. Perform.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cog Research Implications for eLearning: Multi-tasking, CPU Use, and Learning [UPDATE]

eLearning turning into hamburger flipping?  Check the box training design is crazy-making enough.  Don't be an eLearning zombie-maker.  Instead of eating brain power, use your cognitive research knowledge for good.

  • Stop multi-tasking.  You are bad at it.
That's right: you can't do more than two things at a time.  Find ways to eliminate distractions like email alerts while you are learning online and make learners interact with content. 

  • Your brain's system resources are maxed.
Your CPU is overheating.  Use cognitive load management principles to prevent the blue screen of death making a guest appearance in your head.  I recommend reading up with Ruth Colvin Clark.  She knows her brains, and she knows eLearning.

  • Your brain runs on exercise.  Fuel it.
Think that Sodoku is making you smarter?  Nope.  Get off your butt to get your head out of your... well, you know.  Break up long training with a walk, a workout, a virtual scavenger hunt using location based mobile info... something.   Your brain needs all the good stuff moving around produces.  Fit body, fit brain. 
  • Your brain works with pictures.
You are hard wired for visual thinking, and pictures can help your message move easily cross language barriers.  Storybaording will save you from verbosity, dullness, word walls, and ...

...zombie learners.


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