Learn. Design. Coach. Perform.

Learn. Design. Coach. Perform.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

This is what a neglected blog looks like!

What have I been up to lately? Settling at my new job and designing two new workshops:

Technology Design for Humans: The Tech in Ed Edition (6 hr)
  • This workshop focuses on paper prototyping web, tablet, and mobile technologies for use in Education or for educating. Non-techies will learn repeatable ways to create prototypes of their technology ideas so that they can test, explain, and pitch their concepts to investors, partners, and developers ... fast and on the cheap! It teaches design methods that are both human centered and human friendly. No super human technology skills required!
  • Min 10; Max 40
  • $500/pp (ask about Educators/Non-Profits price)

Technology Design for Humans: Paper-to-Clickable Prototypes (3 hr)
  • This workshop continues the 6 hour Technology design for humans. We'll take our tested paper prototypes to the next level using simple tools to create clickable prototypes. Clickable prototypes are great for continuing testing your ideas and presenting them to investors, partners, and developers. If you can use basic drawing tools on your computer, you can do this. No super human technology skills required!
  • Min 10; Max 20
  • $250/pp (ask about Educators/Non-Profits price)
  • Software: ~$200
  • Pre-req: any Technology Design for Humans 6 hr wokshop

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