Learn. Design. Coach. Perform.

Learn. Design. Coach. Perform.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Winter News


I thought I would take a moment to recount what's new.  The weather in the bay area has been absurd -- 76 F in February?  What!?  But, the sunshine is welcome.  Here is what's been happening lately.

First, I am going to learn to teach Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.  This is great for me on a personal level, but also compliments my interest in cognitive development and learning.  I hope I can turn this content into something I can use when I volunteer with your engineers and kids on the Digital Divide like I adapted my Design Thinking and UX/UI courses.

I've been working with Howard Rheingold and team on the Peeragogy Handbook.  I've also been helping to design a Stanford course on new technology literacies.

I'm very excited about getting back into the classroom teaching Design Thinking the Google CAPE program for 2012.

I've been invited to teach a lab on innovation at St. Mary's University MBA program  in Texas.  They are well known for producing non-profit leaders. 

I had fun making this cooking video showing how to make gluten free soccas.

I've been doing Code Year and following a MOOC to keep myself busy with learning new things.

I published an article on a course I designed at Google for Supplier Managers.

I figured out a way to measure the potential in an organization for informal learning using existing data and zero coding.

Finally, East Palo Alto Phoenix Academy was awarded a $15,000 Google Home Sweet Home grant!

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